Noarlunga Little Athletics Centre

Noarlunga Little Athletics Centre

Noarlunga Little Athletics Centre

Noarlunga Little Athletics CentreNoarlunga Little Athletics CentreNoarlunga Little Athletics Centre




We meet at Christies Beach High School oval, Beach Road, Christie Downs.
This is not a Department for Education and Child Development ("DECD") organisation or sponsored activity and DECD accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to this activity. DECD accepts no responsibility or liability for services or activities organised or provided by Noarlunga Little Athletics Centre Incorporated.

(Entry is opposite Colonnades Shopping Centre)


Each season starts late September and will run until the end of March the following year. See program page for more information. Generally we meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am for a 9:15 start. Families are encouraged to arrive earlier to assist in the set up.


New athletes can visit the centre and participate in 2 Come and Try sessions. It's the best way to see if the athlete will want to continue and also for families to see if they are happy with the centre before paying the registration and uniform costs. You still need to click on the REGISTER HERE button on this page to create a profile and register for the Come and Try sessions.


Little Athletics offers a wide range of events: Sprints, Middle Distance, Walks, Relays, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus, Shot Put, Javelin and Cross Country.


NLAC has introduced a hot weather policy. For Sunday morning meets, if the previous nights news service forecasts 36 degrees or higher for the Noarlunga area, there will be no meet. For twilight meets and training nights, if the temperature is 35 degrees or higher at 4.00pm, it will be cancelled. Every attempt will be made to modify events whenever weather conditions are extreme. Unfortunately, radio stations don't broadcast public announcements anymore so it will be a matter of using your own discretion as to the weather conditions. Meets are usually only cancelled if there is a constant rain. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience due to natures gifts. PLEASE NOTE: S.A. LITTLE ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION EVENTS ARE NOT CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER! HOT WEATHER PROGRAMS WILL BE PROVIDED IN ADVANCE.


Cars are not permitted on the oval except for equipment & stock deliveries. Car parking is permitted off Beach Road near the oval providing you are not blocking access to the gate. Extra car parking is available in the Colonnades car park. For safety reasons, please use the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights.


School grounds are smoke free zones at all times. At Noarlunga, the S.A. Little Athletics Association Smoke Free Policy is enforced:- "Smoking is PROHIBITED at Centres & Clubs on the competition arena & the area surrounding the track & field events, clubrooms & canteen area".


A first aid kit & asthma kit are available at the canteen. 

Registration and Uniforms


Registration fees for the entire 2019/20 season are:

1 athlete - $140

2 athletes - $280

3 athletes - $380

4 or more - extra $70 per athlete

Reduced fees after January 6

1 athlete - $120

2 athletes - $240

3 athletes - $335

4 or more - extra $70 per athlete

Don't forget to use your $100 Sports Voucher for Primary School children as offered by Government SA

Uniform costs are additional.


Noarlunga LAC shirt available from Centre only for $50.

Black shorts or leggings (including sports briefs, bike shorts or football shorts). No logos bigger than 3cm square. No skins are permitted.

Bottle green wide brimmed hat available from Centre for $10.00.

Hoodies will be available on request.

Registration is online, this includes "Come & Try" sessions. 

Open the file below for Season Booklet


2019/20 Committee


Join The Committee

As the committee members are also parents of athletes, the members can change quite often due to their children becoming too old to be a "Little Athlete".

Therefore, any expressions of interest in becoming a committee member are very welcome. If you would like a description of any particular role, please contact us. All positions are available for nomination at our AGM at the end of the season.

Please contact a current member for more information or download the committee role descriptions at the bottom of the page.

  • President: Renee Irvine
  • Secretary: Clint Irvine
  • Treasurer: Tracy Gourlay
  • Registrar: Renee Irvine
  • Recorder: Meg Molenaar
  • Tiny Tots Coordinator: Vacant
  • Events Coordinator: Michele Vidler
  • Uniform Manager: Natasha Zohar
  • Publications: Clint Irvine
  • Canteen/BBQ Manager: Liz Ringland
  • Tech & Equipment Manager: Peter Young
  • Promotions Coordinator: Natasha Wallace
  • First Aid Officer: Michele Vidler
  • Child Safety Officers: Liz Ringland
  • Coaches: Peter Young & Meg Molenaar
  • Fund Raising: Tamara Smith
  • Club Captains: Holly Irvine & Jay Leong
  • General Committee: Sarah Stewart, Steven Menadue, Nikki Young, Kim Gale, Brian McKenzie


Committee Role Downloads

President (pdf)


Secretary (pdf)


Treasurer (pdf)


Registrar (pdf)


Recorder (pdf)


Tiny Tot Coordinator (pdf)


Events Coordinator (pdf)


Uniform Manager (pdf)


Publications Officer (pdf)


Canteen Manager (pdf)


Technical and Equipment Officer (pdf)


Promotion Coordinator (pdf)


First Aid Officer (pdf)


Child Safety Officer (pdf)


Fund Raising Officer (pdf)


Committee Role Downloads

Club Captain (pdf)


General Committee (pdf)