Life Members



Senior Life Members

1995/96   John Russell (deceased), Maryke Russell, Mike Barker, Carol Barker, Roly Hill, Geoff Searle, Sandra Smith, John Plenty, Ron Hames, June McNab, Vic Savage.

1996/97   Warren Fuss

1997/98   John Foote, Jeff Crabb, Brian Mercer, Sue Mercer.

1998/99   Leigh Carlyle

2000/01   Jorgen Guldjberg

2002/03   Geoff Holt, Sharon Holt.

2005/06   Michael Willoughby

2006/07   Bruce Hutchesson

2007/08   Karina Hutchesson
2009/10   Renee Irvine
2010/11   Clint Irvine

2012/13   Liz Grice

2015/16   Danny Wallace

2016/17   Helen Wallace, Peter Young, Nikki Young


Junior Life Members

Pre 1990  Renee Searle, Melissa Searle, Warrick McIntosh, Monique Russell, Rebekah Hill, Natasha Beveridge, Shane Goldberg, Jagan Hames.

1990/91   Tami Cottrell, Ryan Fitzgerald, Scott Hill, Matthew Peterson, Rachel Smith, Robyn Smith.

1991/92   Russell Freer, Craig McNab.

1992/93   Darren Steinert.

1993/94   Heath Savage

1994/95   Andrew Bachman, Alex Field, Stacey Mercer, Brooke Potter, Hope Potter.

1995/96   Lisa Crabb, Bradley Fuss, Matthew Fuss, Simon Holsten, Allan Mercer.

1996/97   Hannah Carlyle, Rachel Carlyle, Sarah Carlyle, Ashley Foote, Morgan Potter.

1998/99   Lucinde Kunze, Airlie Nicholls, Liam Nicholls.

1999/00   Matthew Rowell, Sam Rowell.

2000/01   Leilani Dawes, Jacquline Emms, Shane Holt, Andrew Kennedy, Ben Lambert, Tracy Seed, Stasia Willoughby.

2001/02   Nathan Hill, Shane Hill, James Kennedy, George Rallis.

2002/03   Luke Holt, Andrew Hutchesson.

2004/05   Leah Hauxwell, Emily Hutchesson.

2005/06   Joshua Coppin.

2006/07   Wallace Long-Scafidi, Jarrad Swingler, Christopher Hutchesson, Emily Nicholls, Jack Downie.

2007/08   Vanessa Irvine, Chad Mathews, Melynda Mathews, Shannon James, Dylan Vidler, Jaiden Swingler, Hannah Long-Scafidi.

2008/09   Bailey Swingler, Rhys Bartram, Ashlin Willoughby

2009/10   Jared McDougall, Jack Humphries, Jake Vidler, Ethan Hateley

2010/11   Natasha Stacey & Travis Kemp

2011/12   Kizzy Grice, Shaun West & Cody Swingler

2012/13   Sarah Bourn, Holly Irvine, Alexis McDougall, Shae McDonald, Jackson Daniels & Tom Daniels

2013/14   Ayeisha Wallace, Madeline Wallace, Harrison Evans & Madeline Webster

2014/15 Kira Mitchell, Jasmin Klaassen-Thomas & Aleesha Vidler

2015/16   Charli Young, Jay Leong


2016/17   Imogen Hames, Dylan Klaassen-Thomas


Senior Life Membership is awarded to parents who have contributed at least seven years of meritorious service.

Junior Life Membership is awarded to athletes who have achieved 150 meets with Noarlunga LAC.

Our pre 1990 records of Life Members are not complete. We apologise for this. If your name is missing or you know of a person who is a Life Member, please contact us and we will rectify the list immediately. Thank you.