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McDonald's High Achiever TROPHIES 2016/17


Sebastian Richards & Keira Young


First awarded for the 2001/02 season, this trophy is awarded to the boy and girl athlete who gains the most achievement points for the season. Previous winners are:-

2001/02     Luke Holt & Nadine McMillan

2002/03     Christopher Hutchesson & Danielle Russell

2003/04     Jarrad Swingler & Emily Hutchesson & Melynda Mathews

2004/05     Jarrad Swingler & Vanessa Irvine

2005/06     Jarrad Swingler & Olivia Bendt

2006/07     Jaiden Swingler & Kizzy Grice

2007/08     Jackson Daniels & Melynda Mathews

2008/09     Tyler Klaver & Kizzy Grice

2009/10     Harrison Evans & Shae McDonald

2010/11     Liam McMillan & Jade Steenkamp

2011/12     Harrison Evans & Natasha Wallace

2012/13     Jared McDougall & Courtney Olsen

2013/14     Jay Leong & Matilda Gourlay

2014/15     Jay Leong & Matilda Gourlay


2015/16    Zayden Kamish & Aleesha Vidler



Jake Vidler



First awarded for the 2001/02 season, this trophy is awarded to the athlete who gains Centre Best Performances, Best Performances, State & National records, State Championship events entered and placings at those events. Previous winners are:-

2001/02     George Rallis

2002/03     George Rallis

2003/04     Luke Johnson

2004/05     Luke Johnson

2005/06     Wallace Long-Scafidi

2006/07     Wallace Long-Scafidi

2007/08     Jackson Daniels & Melynda Mathews

2008/09     Kizzy Grice

2009/10     Emily Hutchesson

2010/11     Erin Randall

2011/12     Jackson Daniels

2012/13     Kizzy Grice

2013/14     Jake Vidler


2014/15     Dylan Klaassen-Thomas


2015/16     Sarah Bourn



Holly Irvine


In recognition of life members, John and Maryke Russell who supported and contributed to the club for many years, this trophy will be awarded for the first time on presentation day. It will be awarded to a deserving athlete who has proven to be a good sport in all areas. It is not awarded on ability but on how the athlete behaves with other athletes and chaperones and encourages others and has a positive personality.

Nominations for this award are submitted by the age group coordinators.

Previous winners:-

2004/05    Jaiden Swingler

2005/06    Andrew Hutchesson

2006/07    Sarah Bourn

2007/08    Alana McMahon

2008/09    Jackson Daniels

2009/10    Casey Driver

2010/11    Holly Irvine

2011/12    Madeleine Webster

2012/13    Luke Evans

2013/14    Travis Kemp

2014/15    Jake Vidler

2015/16    Madeleine Webster




Each year the club awards age group trophies to the boy and girl who has earned the most points in each age group. Points are awarded for attendance, wearing uniform and for personal best performances.

Congratulations to the following athletes for winning the age group trophies for the 2016/17 season:


  • U6 G: Ava McKinnon
  • U7 G: Tempany Hames
  • U8 G: Charli Tregilgas
  • U9 G: Tameeka Paay
  • U10 G: Keira Young
  • U11 G: Taliah Jones
  • U12 G: Abby Woodward
  • U13-17G: Madeleine Wallace
  • U6 B: Lucas Galvin
  • U7 B: Jamie Leong
  • U8 B: Tabe Kirkland
  • U9 B: Sebastian Richards
  • U10 B: Zayden Kamish
  • U11 B: Thomas Kirwan
  • U12 B: Jay Leong
  • U13-17B: Jake Vidler


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