Tiny Tots



Tiny Tots: The backbone of the club!


Tiny Tots was included into Little Athletics in 1992 and began at Noarlunga in 2001. Thank you to Melissa and Craig Van Rooy who took the initiative to begin this program at Noarlunga. Through their commitment and work, Tiny Tots has continued to succeed beyond our expectations with often over 40 children participating at one meet.


The fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing are explored in a number of activities targeted at the age group of 3-5 years. We believe that in introducing the kids to a fun and active approach towards athletics, will benefit them also in their day to day journey through life.


Emphasis is not on competition at this stage as no times or measurements are taken, but on the development of young children and enjoying a family and fun atmosphere.


Tiny Tots will also get to try what the "big kids" are doing, as we will introduce them to some of the events so they can make the transition with a bit more confidence.


At least one adult is required to stay with their child for the entire session which usually lasts about an hour. Parental assistance is a huge necessity as you can imagine, with 40 or so youngsters running around.


The parachute is a big hit with the Tiny Tots



A Tiny Tot Long Jumper


We have a Tiny Tot Coordinator for each season to structure the activities. If you would like to volunteer or assist in any way, please contact us.

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